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Masterclass Sessions of These Mentors

Unstoppable Tracy

#1 International Mega Success TEDx Speaker

Adam Markel

Best-Selling Author,  International Speaker & Business Mentor

Jen Gottlieb

Connector & Media Strategist

Michael Maher

Best-Selling Author and Speaker

Keri Murphy

TV Personality and Business Mentor

TJ Walker

Best-Selling Public
Speaking Instructor

Susie Carder

Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

Sameer Somal

Global Speaker and Educator

Terri Levine

Chief Heartrepreneur and Business Growth Strategist

Neil Napier

Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur

Mukul Deva

The Leadership Keynote Speaker

Jake Ballentine

Motivational Speaker and Founder of The Speakers, Authors and Coaches Network.

Lloyd Luna

International Speaker and Author of Stepback Leadership

Toni Miranda

Motivational Speaker and Image Strategist

Ramona J. Smith

2018 World Champion of Public Speaking

Megan Fenyoe

Best Selling Author,Speaker and Trainer, Veteran& Podcast Host

Andrew Chow

Disruption Keynote Speaker

Myron Sta Ana

The Corporate EnterTRAINER

Sean Si

The SEO Expert

Olga Geidane

Life and Business Coach

Mark Stephen Pooler

Public Speaking Coach Press and PR expert

Livia Jenvey

Empowered Speaker and Business Coach

James Leong

Chief Financial Storyteller, Dintinguished Toastmaster

Terry Wildemann

Motivational Speaker, Author,
Intuitive Leadership®️ Coach

Karen Leong

Influence Thought Leader

Dr. Kathy Gruver

Internationally recognized TEDx Speaker

Jerome Joseph

Award-winning Brand Strategist

Cathy Madavan

Speaker and Communications Expert

Linda Ugelow

Podcast Host and Speaker Coach

Kerrie Phipps

Author, Do Talk to Strangers

Monique Blokzyl

Internationally Awarded Speaker & Founder of mySpeakerBusiness

Lynn Hope Thomas

International Speaker - Transformational Mentor

Bobby Henebry

International Speaker and Entrepreneur

Anita Ghosal

Transformational Coach and Speaker 

Aurora Gregory

Marketing Expert and Author

Ivy Slater

Business Coach and Speaker

Michelle Tillis Lederman

Connection Creator and Author, The Connector’s Advantage

Daniel Lee

Co-author First Time Leadership

Bianca Hutzler

Startup Entrepreneur and Speaker

Ritu Gupta Mehrish

International Speaker, Executive Coach and Author

Harness the Powerful Ability to Inspire Action

Module 1

Find Your Voice

Your voice is an instrument that you use to communicate. It is your surest way to build connections and inspire others. When you discover your voice, you unlock possibilities.

Module 2

Craft Your Message

Your message has the power to inspire and influence others. Be clear about the story you will share with the world. Know what you stand for.

Module 3

Speak to Inspire

Speak with confidence and persuasion whether it's your first speech or your 100th keynote. Improve your craft and learn from the experts.

Module 4

Thrive with Your Tribe

Apply the actionable techniques and strategies to start delivering speeches, fulfilling LIVE events and create a community to thrive and grow with.

Module 5

Rise to Impact

Achieve your fullest potential. Be an inspiration to others. Create a lasting impact and live a life of meaning.

Here's What Others Are Saying About the Speaker Masterclasses

Get UNLIMITED Lifetime Access to All 40 Masterclass Sessions

All of the daily summit sessions are now available for you as modules that you can watch anytime of the day and anywhere you want. 

​Module 1 - Find Your Voice

Unwrap your authentic voice and empower yourself with the mindsets that make masterful communicators unshakeably confident.

Masterclasses Sessions

  • The Art of Earning Mentors and Build a Network to Guide You with Sameer Somal
  • How Your Mind and Tragedy Can Create the Life You Desire ​with Mark Stephen Pooler
  • Discover the One True Voice from Your Life Story and Inner Knowing ​with Anita Ghosal
  • The Power of Feedback to Find Your Gift ​with Livia Jenvey​​
  • Develop Confidence by Shattering Limiting Beliefs ​with Olga Geidane
  • Uncover the Elements from the Past that Blocks Your Voice ​with Linda Ugelow
  • How to Unlock Your Unstoppable Voice to be Extraordinary ​with Unstoppable Tracy

Module 2 - ​Craft Your Message

How are you structuring your words that it captures the attention of your listeners? In this module, our speakers will share insights and ideas on how you can write a message that inspires anyone and share it through a book too.

Masterclasses Sessions

  • How to Kickstart Writing Your Book to Gain More Referrals ​with Michael Maher
  • Rediscover the Authentic Version of You ​with Megan Fenyoe
  • The Best Practices of Preparing for a TEDx Talk ​with Dr. Kathy Gruver​​​​​ ​​​​
  • Transform Your Past to Your Speaking Stepping Stones ​with Lynn Hope Thomas
  • Connect with Strangers to Guide to Your Success ​with Kerrie Phipps
  • A Creative Yet Strategic Process of Writing a Book ​with Mukul Deva
  • Becoming a Unique Speaker with to Standout ​with Ritu G. Mehrish
  • Tips and Techniques to Be Clear with Your Message as a Leader ​with Daniel Lee

Module 3 - ​Speak to Inpsire

Engage to your audience that you connect to them much deeper. Learn tactics and techniques to persuade and bond you with your listener.

Masterclasses Sessions

  • How to Transition from Employee to Speaking & Training ​with Myron Sta. Ana
  • Creating Magic Connection to Your Audience Even if Your're not a Natural ​with Cathy Madavan​​
  • Discover How Intution Can Leave a Mark in the Hearts of Your Audience ​with Terry Wildeman
  • The Mindsets of Storytelling to Edutain Your Audience ​with James Leong
  • How to Take Your Keynote Audience in a Journey of Transformation ​with Andrew Chow
  • How to Authentically Serve Your Audience through Speaking ​Ivy Slater
  • How Mentors Can Take Your to Your Next Level of Speaking ​with Bianca Hutzler
  • ​Speaking to Build Your Passion of Serving Others ​with Lloyd Luna
  • Imagine Having the Skills and Values of a Champion Public Speaker ​with Ramona Smith
  • Proven Techniques to Level Up Your Speech Delivery ​with TJ Walker

Module 4: ​Thrive with Your Tribe

Rally people around you that you start building a community that will support your growth personal and financially.

Masterclasses Sessions

  • How You Can 10x Your Net Worth Through Coaching ​with Susie Carder
  • Build Your Audience By Making Speaking as A Business ​with Monique Blokzyl
  • Getting More Audience Reach through SEO and Social Media ​with Sean SI
  • Top Revenue Streams to Take Leverage as Speaker ​with Aurora Gregory
  • If You Can Create a Network Speaking Opportunities Come Your Way ​Bobby Henebry
  • Discover Top Ways to Grow Communities Online and Offline ​with Dr. Terri Levine
  • The Mindsets and Tools to Growing a Thriving Community ​with Jake Ballentine

Module 5: ​Rise to Impact

Start becoming a global influencer through strategies and techniques in branding, marketing and building relationships with highly influential people.

Masterclasses Sessions

  • The Right Way to Build Connections to Impact Your Business ​with Jen Gottlieb
  • How to Have a Leveled Up Mindset of a Super Connector ​with Michelle Tillis Lederman
  • The 5 Ds of Having an Impactful Brand ​with Jerome Joseph
  • How You Can Inspire More People Through Video ​with Keri Murphy
  • How to Transform Image Even if You're Not Established Yet ​Toni Miranda​​​
  • Discover 5 Ways to Be Unique in Your Niche or Industry ​with Karen Leong
  • If You Can Edutain You Can Futureproof Your Business ​with Neil Napier
  • Rituals of Speaking to Create an Impact ​with Adam Markel

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40+ Masterclass Sessions ($997)

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Inspirefluence Actionbook ($97)

Get over 50 action items that I have deconstructed from each of the interviewers so you can gain influence in the world where everyone is trying to be influential. These are key action items that made the speakers the global influencer that they are today and you can be one too.

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Get access to webinar sessions and audio training  with global influencers and entrepreneurs, to amplify your skills in leadership, persuasion, influence and branding. 

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Inspirefluence Circle (Priceless)

This is where you gain more accountability and more support in your journey as an inspirational influencer. I will also be giving members only interview sessions that won't be available in the free network. All my upcoming trainings are shared in this group only so you will become an influential communicator.  I'm really passionate in learning and immersing myself in how to lead and influence through inspiration so powerful insights are going to be shared in this circle. 

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  • LIFETIME ACCESS to 40 masterclass sessions on communicating with confidence and influence ($997 Value)
  • Download 40 masterclass sessions audio MP3 format ($147 VALUE)
  • 50+ Key action plans from the masterclass insights ($197 VALUE)
  • Access to $1,000 worth of exclusive bonuses
  • Get support and accountability from fellow  private Facebook group community
  • An unconditional 14-day money-back guarantee

BONUS: 5 Steps to Membership Site Success ($147 VALUE)

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Here's What Others Are Saying About the Speaker Masterclasses

Your Host for the Inspirational Speakers Summit

Nizley Alferez

Co-Founder of Freedom Nexus

"I'm your host, Nizley Alferez.
I've spent almost a decade of my life trying to deny myself of what I am deeply passionate about and forcing myself to thrive in the corporate world.

I was successful in the first few years, but the succeeding years were all dragging and forcing myself to work.

I knew I was chasing the wrong mountain. I knew I didn't want to deny myself anymore of what I love doing. I knew I wanted to pursue what I'm passionate about - to speak, to inspire, to help change lives.

But I also knew it's not easy to do it alone.

In the Inspirational Speakers Summit, you will get to learn directly from  from masterful communicators and public speaking mentors who have thrived succcessfully in the world of speaking, writing and building a business from both.

They will share their wisdom and strategies from how they started their journey, to how they overcome their personal struggles to how they built their networks and their business to living a life full of passion and fulfillment.

My deepest desire is that these mentors can inspire you so you can also inspire the lives of the people you care about."

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