Take Leverage and Jump on Board the Inspirational Influencers Summit Speakers Masterclass Launch

Potentially Earn up to $120.50 Per Sale on the Online Event to Help Speakers Transform Lives with their Inspiring Message and Build their Abundant Careers PLUS stake your claim on $5k worth of prizes

 Launches on May 14-20, 2019 11AM EST

Top Commissions

Earn up to $120.50 on every sale you make from the 50% commission all over the funnel.

Recurring Profits

Have residual profits from our monthly mentorship sessions with lifetime cookies.

Fun JV Prizes

To make the launch more fun, we are giving out exciting prizes to top affiliates of the summit.

Gear Up Because You are Going To Fuel the World with Inspiration while You Earn Top Commissions and Profits

Join us in launching this online event...

What do attendees get in the Inspirational Influencers Summit?

Instant access to 30+ Inspirational Influencers Masterclass Videos from Experts

Imagine having the world's go-to experts of the speaking industry to coach you on how to discover your voice, craft your message and inspire lives while enjoying your financial freedom as a public speaker.

Downloadable MP3 and PDF Slide Deck Format of the Masterclasses

If you are on the go (maybe you're in the car, at the gym or cooking) and you want to maximize your time, you can always review all of masterclasses through the audio version. We also created a slide deck version so you can skim through the golden nuggets from each masterclass, anytime and anywhere you want. 

Actionable Speaker Bonuses to Growing Your Speaking Business

You will get an insider-look at the Top secrets of the speakers as they share their struggles and victories when they started their business and how they've scaled it up and moved it beyond extraordinary. 

Who are our Masterclass Speakers?

Unstoppable Tracy

#1 International Mega Success TEDx Speaker

Adam Markel

Best-Selling Author,  International Speaker & Business Mentor

Jen Gottlieb

Connector & Media Strategist

Michael Maher

Best-Selling Author and Speaker

Keri Murphy

TV Personality and Business Mentor

TJ Walker

Best-Selling Public
Speaking Instructor

Susie Carder

Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

Sameer Somal

Global Speaker and Educator

Terri Levine

Chief Heartrepreneur and Business Growth Strategist

Neil Napier

Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur

Mukul Deva

The Leadership Keynote Speaker

Jake Ballentine

Motivational Speaker and Founder of The Speakers, Authors and Coaches Network.

Lloyd Luna

International Speaker and Author of Stepback Leadership

Toni Miranda

Motivational Speaker and Image Strategist

Ramona J. Smith

2018 World Champion of Public Speaking

Megan Fenyoe

Best Selling Author,Speaker and Trainer, Veteran& Podcast Host

Andrew Chow

Disruption Keynote Speaker

Myron Sta Ana

The Corporate EnterTRAINER

Sean Si

The SEO Expert

Olga Geidane

Life and Business Coach

Mark Stephen Pooler

Public Speaking Coach Press and PR expert

Livia Jenvey

Empowered Speaker and Business Coach

James Leong

Chief Financial Storyteller, Dintinguished Toastmaster

Terry Wildemann

Motivational Speaker, Author,
Intuitive Leadership®️ Coach

Karen Leong

Influence Thought Leader

Dr. Kathy Gruver

Internationally recognized TEDx Speaker

Jerome Joseph

Award-winning Brand Strategist

Cathy Madavan

Speaker and Communications Expert

Linda Ugelow

Podcast Host and Speaker Coach

Kerrie Phipps

Author, Do Talk to Strangers

Monique Blokzyl

Internationally Awarded Speaker & Founder of mySpeakerBusiness

Lynn Hope Thomas

International Speaker - Transformational Mentor

Bobby Henebry

International Speaker and Entrepreneur

Anita Ghosal

Transformational Coach and Speaker 

Aurora Gregory

Marketing Expert and Author

Ivy Slater

Business Coach and Speaker

Michelle Tillis Lederman

Connection Creator and Author, The Connector’s Advantage

Daniel Lee

Co-author First Time Leadership

Bianca Hutzler

Startup Entrepreneur and Speaker

Ritu Gupta Mehrish

International Speaker, Executive Coach and Author

How Does it Work?

  1. Starting May 14th each attendee will receive 6-7 masterclasses daily in the live sessions page.
  2. The masterclass session will be available for FREE for the first 24 hours and will be only available once they upgrade to the All-Access Pass. Through the All-Access Pass, they have unlimited and lifetime access to the videos.
  3. On May 20th, we are going to have a 24 hours live encore where all of the masterclass sessions will be available for replay while they also have the option to purchase the All-Access  Pass.
  4. We will determine the Top 3 most favorite speakers and their videos will be replayed from May 21 to 23. This will reinforce the value given by the speaker while adding exposure to speakers.

What are the Dates?

April 24th-May 8th: Start pushing the "Inspirational Speakers Cheatsheet" to bring people into the  prelaunch training.  This training is where we share the top insights that will turn aspiring speakers into top-tier influencers. Teasers and sneak peeks will be released on the same days as well. The goal is for people to join the training on May 9th.

May 9th - 13th: This is when we give massive value to our audience  while we open up the cart to where the All-Access Pass is available to purchase at $47. Everyone who purchased the All-Access Pass will still not be able to access all of the masterclasses but they'll receive 1-2 masterclasses of Day 1-5.

May 13th: Summit Live Kickoff Party with a guest speaker and Final day for Prelaunch Sales Contest.

May 14th: Summit starts with first 6 masterclasses released and All-Access Pass starts at $57 on this day.

May 15th -18th: Email and social media push while event is going on. If you are a speaker, we suggest to mail the day before your own session. 5-6 masterclasses will also be released each day. The All-Access Pass will be priced to $57, $59(2 day price freeze), $64 and $67 respectively.

May 20th: Encore of the entire summit for 24 hours from 9AM EST and last day JV contest ends at May 21st 12AM EST.

May 21st-23rd: The top 3 favorite speakers masterclass sessions of the summit will be replayed to give more value to the audience while the price still stays at $67 for the next 3 days.

May 24th: Summit closing remarks and price will be set to $77 from May 24th-June 24th. Affiliates can push the free cheatsheet + free training where the leads will be nurtured with a summary of the entire summit in PDF format and a series blog posts.

June 25th: All-Access Pass of the Summit will now priced at $197.








April 21

April 22

April 23

April 24

Day 1 Teaser Video Release

April 25

April 26

April 27

Day 2 Teaser Video Release

April 28

April 29

April 30

Day 3 Teaser Video Release

May 1

May 2

May 3

Day 4 Teaser Video Release

May 4

May 5

May 6

Day 5 Teaser Video Release

May 7

May 8

May 9

Release of Prelaunch Training Video

May 10

May 11

May 12

May 13

Summit Kickoff Live Party

May 14

Summit Launch Day 1 - Find Your Voice

May 15

Summit Launch Day 2 - Craft Your Message

May 16

Summit Launch Day 3 - Speak to Inspire

May 17

Summit Launch Day 4 - Thrive with Your Tribe

May 18

Summit Launch Day 5 - Rise to Impact

May 19

May 20

24 Hours Encore Live

May 21

Day 1 of 3 Most Favorite Speakers

May 22

Day 2 of 3 Most Favorite Speakers

May 23

Day 3 of 3 Most Favorite Speakers

May 24

Summit Closing Remarks

May 25

How much do affiliates earn from the summit funnel?

The Funnel Details:

  • Inspirational Influencers Summit All-Access Pass - This  will be every single masterclass in the summit along with other bonuses to make sure that we are going to give massive value on the launch. Affiliates will earn 50% commissions from the All-Access pass upgrade which is $47 from prelaunch and then $57-$67 on launch week.
  • Inspirefluence Monthly - This is a monthly version of the summit where 1-2 masterclass sessions will go live all year round. That means students will gain updated monthly strategies, techniques and sytems on how to be an influencer through speaking, vlogging, self-publishing, podcasting and more. The bump offer will be priced at $67 and the upsell will be from $67-$97 at a dime-sale and that will be a 50% commission for affiliates as well.
  • Inspirefluence Vlogs Challenge - This is a vlogging challenge where members get to participate a monthly challenge of creating videos in 4 weeks that will help them position themselves as an expert, connect to inspiring experts and offer something to their followers at the end of the challenge. Affiliates will earn 50% commissions from the $197 price point of the product.

We have done preselling of the summit to 100 subscribers from 1,000+ of our subscriber base and we converted an average of 35%. We are estimating 10-35% conversions or more since we have been refining the offer each month. The entire process will also be optimized within the prelaunch.

So if you send  100 attendees to the summit at our lowest 10% conversion rate, that will be $1,875 commissions for you. If its 1,000 of your peeps will be attending  then that would be  $18,750.

The Next Steps.

Sign For Updates

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Become a Partner

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Be Ready to Promote

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Now we’re making this summit fun for everyone so we have an...

Over $5,000 Summit Launch Sales Contest

Make even more profits by winning the sales contest with these prizes

Prelaunch Week Contest 
May 9 - 13

Overall Week Contest 
May 14-20

24 Hours Live Encore Contest
May 20

The Promo Tools for the Summit

Check out how you can increase your conversions even more for your campaigns.

Do you have questions?

Feel free to reach out to me

Nizley Alferez

Email: nizley@freedomnexus.com

Skype: nizleyalferez

Affiliate promotion terms and conditions

1. You must NOT run campaigns with a “negative” message just like “Product name - author name scam” or any other way to get more controversial click through rates that will give a negative image of the product.

2. Affiliate payments will be delayed for those who will have less than 25 sales. Once you hit 25 sales, we will set your account to instant commissions.

3. Affiliates must not use their own affiliate link to purchase the product by themselves. You can get in touch with me to access the review version of the summit.

4. Affiliates must not create social media pages with the product name to avoid confusion and prevent abuse. Be clear that you are an affiliate partner of the summit and please do not take ownership of the summit.

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